CCTV Pipeline Inspection

CCTV Pipeline Inspections provide the ideal solution to viewing inaccessible areas such as pipework, machinery and vessel internals

ASL PowerStream have invested in a comprehensive range of camera systems which enable detailed inspections of small and large bore pipes and tanks to be carried out. Our systems allow for inspection of all types of pipework from 1⁄2 inch to 36 inch in diameter.

We can provide full colour inspection of pipework with access points from 8.5mm upwards as well as Zone 1 rated cameras which can be used to inspect gas and hydrocarbon pipework, avoiding the need for purging.

Our systems feature steerable optics allowing the camera to look directly at points of interest whilst on screen metering allow its position to be accurately monitored. Inclinometer modules allow the profile of pipework to be mapped.

We’ve been providing CCTV Pipeline Inspections for many years carrying out a huge variety of surveys, both on and offshore.

We can provide the following CCTC Pipeline Inspection Systems:

  • Tractor
  • Flexi Probe
  • Mini Probe
  • Video Endoscope
  • Borehole

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