Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are based principally on the use of high and ultra high pressure water jetting technology but we are also specialists in chemical cleaning and acid pickling.

These techniques are used for the removal of residual oil, grease, heavy rusting, mill scale and other contaminants from the internal surfaces of carbon steel, stainless steel and incoloy pipework and fittings.

Tank & Vessel Cleaning

The cleaning of tanks, separators and vessels is an important part of plant maintenance both on and offshore.

Water Jetting

Our concentrated and controlled water blasting systems rapidly overcome the problems associated process pipework such as blockages and hard scale, restoring the efficiency and reliability of the plant with the minimum loss of productivity and downtime.

  • Chemical and process industries
  • Oil refineries and petrochemical complexes
  • Offshore, including decommissioning and abandonment Power generation
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Food and brewing industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Airport runways
  • Concrete surface cleaning


An air operated hose drive unit which rotates the high pressure through a hose protector allowing the high pressure nozzle to stand just off the internal pipe wall. The RDR retro-jet nozzle moves forward and around the internal circumference at the same time in a corkscrewing motion.