Cold Cutting

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jet cutting is one of the fastest growing techniques for cutting in a wide range of industries

Our HydroCat pumps operate at flow rates from 2-24 L. / min and pressures from 2,800 – 3,100Bar. Each pump is capable of running two cutting heads, reducing cutting time and cost. By combining the jet of UHP water with cutting abrasive at a remote head, the system is capable of cutting steel up to 200mm thick.

UHP water jet cutting offers several benefits over traditional cutting methods:-

  • Specialised technology
  • Proven high speed performance Cold process technology Precision power
  • Versatility

Linear Applications

  • Cutting of Tank Floors
  • Cutting of inserts
  • Demolition of Vessels

Rotary Applications

  • Pipe Cutting
  • Cutting of Inserts
  • Removal of Nozzles

Cut material up to 200mm thick