FinFan Cleaning

We provide a specialist cleaning process to ensure optimum performance of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Hydro Fin Cleaning

The performance of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE) also known as FinFans, is dependent on the heat transfer efficiency of the finned tube bank. Efficiency on the airside becomes significantly impaired as the surfaces of the finned tubes become fouled.

Deposits of atmospherically borne dust and other debris collect on and adhere to the fin tubes, especially in damp and oily environments.

To ensure cooler optimum operating efficiency it is highly desirable that the finned tubes are kept as free as possible of surface contamination. As the principal effect of fouling is the reduction and maldistribution of airflow, leading to reduction in cooling capacity and process constraint. ASL PowerStream recognises this problem and provides a specialist cleaning process to overcome such problems.

Independent analysis of our Hydro Clean process shows an increase in cooling capacity in excess of 30%. ASL PowerStream has developed an extremely effective technique, which combines a high volume wash with controlled chemical application, close proximity jetting and rinse cycles using specially adapted cleaning agents, plant and equipment.


Increase Cooling Capacity by up to




Online Cleaning

When process plants must remain on line, ASL PowerStream adopt a specific working practice and method by which it is possible to isolate and clean a single section of cooler bank (the area swept by a single fan) with only a minimal reduction of production rate. Once the clean section is returned to service, a second, or more sections can be cleaned in sequence with no further reduction of production. This method has been adopted by a number of clients as being an extremely efficient and cost effective solution.

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