Hydrokinetic Cleaning

A more efficient, cost effective, ecological and safer method of clearing fouled pipes and tubes

The HydroKinetics cleaning process is ideal for the clearing and cleaning of fouled interiors of tubes, pipes, and lines.

The technique is based on the induction of “Sonic Resonance” into the cleaning water stream. This Sonic Resonance travels through the water stream and safely transfers to both the tube and the fouling material. The different compositions of the tube and the fouling material means that they resonate at different frequencies, breaking the bond between them and allowing the fouling to be expelled quite easily.

The fouling material is generally seen extruding from the end of the tube in large snake-like pieces rather than particulate as in conventional hydro-blasting.

The equipment for the HydroKinetics process is compact and portable, consisting of hydraulic monitoring devices in a sealed cabinet.

A unit and a technician can be easily dispatched to a customer’s trouble-site anywhere in the world, provided a conventional plunger pump of adequate capacity and service air is available (10.000 psi @ 20gpm Plunger Pump, and 120psi air service).

In addition, HydroKinetics can save time and money, often doing jobs that cannot be accomplished by hydro-blasting, lancing, drilling, baking, Chemical Cleaning etc.

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