Vacuumation & Tanker Services

Remove a wide variety of materials with differing viscosities and densities with the most diverse fleet of vacuum equipment in the industry

We offer High Air Flow/Performance Tankers and Vacuum Tankers with capacity of 3000 gallons.

All appliances complement the service of disposal of ‘low hazard’ liquid wastes, which are disposed of at licensed landfill sites or treatment plants throughout the country.

We guarantee that all waste is disposed of properly and efficiency.

We also offer High Air Flow, Vac-U-Press 6500 Machines, suitable for suction and blowing of dry and liquid goods; for catalyst removal, waste and water removal, container and vessel emptying, product reclamation, spillages, plant de-dusting etc are available.

Our EcoCycle appliance is the new standard when medium to large sized drainage cleaning work is involved. This multi-purpose appliance is equipped with the EcoCycle water recycling system which removes water from the sludge tank, filters it and pumps it back into the jetting water tank, ready to be re-used by the jetting pump.. It is suitable for cleaning sewers with a diameter of up to 1500 mm and many other applications where large quantities of water are needed. This continuous operation allows hours of operation without the need for refilling the water leading to greater efficiency and less downtime.

The Vacu-Trailer is a full vacuum industrial 2-axle trailer for suction and discharging dry material.
When developing this machine maximum flexibility, functionality, deploy-ability and lower fuel consumption were essential items to consider. The Vacu-Trailer is completely self-supporting and can be transported by any heavy-weight vehicle or light-weight truck.

In short: this Vacu-Trailer is the best economical and flexible solution for your dry material vacuum activities.

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